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Installation Instructions:

Manual Installation :

  • 1) Get the zip file.
  • 2) Extract the zip file and copy contents of the zip file over the root of magento install.
  • 3) Compile your magento install.
  • 4) Refresh your cache.
  • 5) AwesomeCheckout will now override the default checkout process with its awesomeness.

Compilation :

Magento admin

  • 1) Login into magento admin.
  • 2) Go to System > Tools > Compilation
  • 3) Click on Run Compilation Process

Shell (Terminal)

  • 1) Login into your server and cd into magento root.
  • 2) Enter this command in terminal php -f shell/compiler.php compile

Refresh your cache:

  • 1) Login into magento admin
  • 2) Go to System > Cache Management
  • 3) Select all & click "submit" button when refresh is selected as action on its left


First, lets make sure you have installed the extension and magento has picked up that a new extension has been installled. Go to System > Configuration > Advanced > Advanced and check if you see can see the module name "AnattaDesign_AwesomeCheckout" under "Disable Modules Output". If you can't see it, then you will need to run compilation process again & then refresh your cache, after which you will be able to see its name on this page itself. If you can see extesion name, then just try placing an order from the frontend as a customer to see it in action. If you don't see it, then you either haven't run compilation process after installing extension or haven't cleared cache. If you are confused, contact us.

Never install anything on the live site directly. Install the extension on your staging or testing environment first, give it a spin and then deploy with your deployment schedule, like during off-peak hours where you can put the store in maintenance for a minute, deploy stuff and then recompile & refresh the cache. And before deploying to the live site, always take a backup incase you wish to revert back.

Configurable options in magento admin are at System > Configuration > Anatta Design > Awesome Checkout

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