What exactly is limited support?

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Short answer

It’s support based on demand following a queue-based ticketing system.

Long answer

We are a small web team of 3 certified Magento developers. When we’re not baking more features into making Awesome Checkout more awesome, we’re either supporting our Awesome-level customers or engaging in consulting work for Enterprise and Community store fronts. That takes up 95% of our day, every day.

Because we’re small and we want to stay small, we have to be real about the level of support promised when you buy Awesome Checkout. So when someone buys the limited support version of Awesome Checkout, it’s not saying we don’t want to help that customer. But it’s stating the priority order we get to something.

Average wait time for limited support tickets?

24 hours to get an initial response by looking at what’s going on. Then anywhere up to 1 week for a formalized response/answer if a bug or issue has shown up which needs our help. The times could be faster or a bit slower, but this is the average.

What type of issues are covered by limited support?

  • Bugs that you find
  • Installation help
  • Guidance on how to skin and/or extend the checkout
  • Questions about how to use Awesome Checkout

These are the general issue categories. We might be able to cover more than this.

Why such a price difference between LIMITED support and AWESOME support?

Read our blog post on Leaving It To The Experts.

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