Released v1.4.5

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We are proud to announce the new stable release of Awesome Checkout v1.4.5.

The latest release is an update to our earlier v.1.4.4 release and tackles the following bugs:

  • fixed small bug where incorrect progress blocks were active
  • fixed small bug where credit card number would disappear on Step 2
  • fixed small bug where shipping total wouldn’t update with no change in selection
  • fixed small bug where shipping method selected while editing fields above would cause shipping method to not stay selected
  • fixed bigger bug with state field validation


And v1.4.5 improves upon:

  • enhanced Proceed to Payment interaction when shipping quotes are loading
  • major improvement to Google Analytics tracking for accurate abandonment stats
  • improved autocompletion of city/state/country with zip codes
  • improved saving of Billing Address when editing a shipping address
  • improved capturing of email address for Cart Abandonment extensions (thx Durkan Group)
  • improved IE compatibility though we don’t like IE
  • respect Magento configurations for allowable countries when detecting addresses


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