Released v1.4.2

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We are proud to announce the new stable release of Awesome Checkout v1.4.2.

The latest release is an update to our earlier v.1.4.1 release and tackles the following bugs:

  • a bug whereby activating layout cache would render the checkout inoperable (ref: Magento StackExchange, Mridul’s Answer)
  • a bug where the paypal logo was not showing in progress box 2 in some cases
  • a bug where the updated total at the end of first step was not calculated correctly for cases where user refreshes browser after moving to step 2


And v1.4.2 improves upon:

  • progress box 3 – the shipping cost is no longer “0″ in case of virtual products. was not needed to state “0″
  • if the customer has no address saved, then customer’s name is now auto-filled from the account settings (if available)
  • on step 1 – the email address field does not get cleared if a guest refreshes browser.


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