Released v1.4.5

We are proud to announce the new stable release of Awesome Checkout v1.4.5.

The latest release is an update to our earlier v.1.4.4 release and tackles the following bugs:

  • fixed small bug where incorrect progress blocks were active
  • fixed small bug where credit card number would disappear on Step 2
  • fixed small bug where shipping total wouldn’t update with no change in selection
  • fixed small bug where shipping method selected while editing fields above would cause shipping method to not stay selected
  • fixed bigger bug with state field validation


And v1.4.5 improves upon:

  • enhanced Proceed to Payment interaction when shipping quotes are loading
  • major improvement to Google Analytics tracking for accurate abandonment stats
  • improved autocompletion of city/state/country with zip codes
  • improved saving of Billing Address when editing a shipping address
  • improved capturing of email address for Cart Abandonment extensions (thx Durkan Group)
  • improved IE compatibility though we don’t like IE
  • respect Magento configurations for allowable countries when detecting addresses


Released v1.4.2

We are proud to announce the new stable release of Awesome Checkout v1.4.2.

The latest release is an update to our earlier v.1.4.1 release and tackles the following bugs:

  • a bug whereby activating layout cache would render the checkout inoperable (ref: Magento StackExchange, Mridul’s Answer)
  • a bug where the paypal logo was not showing in progress box 2 in some cases
  • a bug where the updated total at the end of first step was not calculated correctly for cases where user refreshes browser after moving to step 2


And v1.4.2 improves upon:

  • progress box 3 – the shipping cost is no longer “0″ in case of virtual products. was not needed to state “0″
  • if the customer has no address saved, then customer’s name is now auto-filled from the account settings (if available)
  • on step 1 – the email address field does not get cleared if a guest refreshes browser.


Why you should leave it to the experts?

This is a $999 question, literally.

And the answer is simple. You’ll make more money by having our experts work with you.

There’s an art to making a highly successful checkout. The design, the copy, the fields you include or don’t include.

Not every checkout will convert the same even if they look, read, and function the same way. That sounds odd, but it’s true. We’ve seen it time and time again.

Cart abandonment at the stage of checkout can be attributed to many things beyond the checkout having less steps, less forms, or being mobile friendly.

When you buy Awesome Checkout Standalone Extension, it’ll get you 1/2 of the way to reducing cart abandonment. But our experts will carry you the full way by evaluating things you haven’t thought to address.

That’s why you should leave it to the experts. Because when you hire us, you’re hiring experts to work on your checkout. We know Magento checkouts better than 99% of other Magento developers. The price you pay for the consultation gets you engineers who’s entire goal is to see you raise your checkout conversion rates.


Our experts stand behind our work.

If you’re not 100% satisfied, you are qualified for a full money back guarantee within 30 days.

What exactly is limited support?

Short answer

It’s support based on demand following a queue-based ticketing system.

Long answer

We are a small web team of 3 certified Magento developers. When we’re not baking more features into making Awesome Checkout more awesome, we’re either supporting our Awesome-level customers or engaging in consulting work for Enterprise and Community store fronts. That takes up 95% of our day, every day.

Because we’re small and we want to stay small, we have to be real about the level of support promised when you buy Awesome Checkout. So when someone buys the limited support version of Awesome Checkout, it’s not saying we don’t want to help that customer. But it’s stating the priority order we get to something.

Average wait time for limited support tickets?

24 hours to get an initial response by looking at what’s going on. Then anywhere up to 1 week for a formalized response/answer if a bug or issue has shown up which needs our help. The times could be faster or a bit slower, but this is the average.

What type of issues are covered by limited support?

  • Bugs that you find
  • Installation help
  • Guidance on how to skin and/or extend the checkout
  • Questions about how to use Awesome Checkout

These are the general issue categories. We might be able to cover more than this.

Why such a price difference between LIMITED support and AWESOME support?

Read our blog post on Leaving It To The Experts.